Who am i ?

I am Prateek Gianchandani. Currently i am working as an Information Security Engineer at Emirates airlines in Dubai. I have interests in network security, mobile and web application security, mobile development, reverse engineering, vulnerability assessment, Mobile application penetration testing is one area that i really enjoy. I also enjoy travelling and i have a huge bucket list of all the places i want to go, some of which i have ticked off. I am also a certified mountaineer and a certified PADI Open water diver. I am also a huge Apple fanboy and i possess almost all of their products. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee in 2011.

What do i do for a living ?

Currently, i am working as an Information Security Engineer for Emirates airlines. Apart from that, i am usually involved in some project or the other.

Where can you contact me ?

The fastest way to reach me is on my email at prateek dot searchingeye at gmail dot com.

About this site

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